The National Sanskrit University, Tirupati greatly values the health of its students, staff and their dependents. The Health Centre has been established to provide primary health care and emergency care to the University community comprising of the regular employees, their authorized dependents and regular students.





Dr. B. Baladathatreya

Medical Officer & Health Centre i/c+91 89850 04670
Dr. P. Swetha
Medical Officer+91 99852 99950
Shri. Kheem Raj Meena
Nursing Officer+91 98295 61413
Shri. P. Victor kumar
Pharmacist+91 80190 59458
Shri. B. Sai Chand
Laboratory Technician+91 95056 02945
Dr. C. Vanitha
Health Inspector+91 94905 04972
Smt. E. Prashanti
Medical attendant & dresser+91 93472 89846

The following services are available at University Health Centre:

  • OPD Services

The Health Centre provides OPD facility for treatment of general ailments. Patients can walk-in for consultation. Patients will be referred to the nearest Govt.Hospital/ Empanelled hospital for specialized treatment/ hospitalization and other services which are not available at the Health Centre.

  • In-patient Services

The patients are provided with In-patient facilities (observation) in the Health Centre. There is one male ward with three beds, one female ward with three beds, and one male and female isolation rooms with one bed respectively. In addition, there is an executive ward with two beds for the staff/dependants of the University.

  • Emergency Care Services

Initial emergency care will be provided to the patients in the Health Centre or referred to the nearest Govt.Hospital/ Empanelled hospital depending on the case under medical supervision. Oxygenation, nebulization and ECG facilities are available at the Health Centre.

  • Nursing Services

The Health Centre is equipped with a nursing section with a well trained nursing personnel to handle medical emergencies. The nurse checks and records vitals, administers injections, manages intravenous fluids, monitors patient’s condition and communicating the same to the doctors.

  • Dressing and First Aid Services

Dressing and First Aid services are provided at the Health Centre. The dresser does the dressing of the wounds, apply bandages and assist the doctors while suturing the cuts and injuries.

  • Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy is equipped with basic medicines, injections, surgical products, disposables, I.V fluids etc. Medicines are issued to the patients as per the prescription.

  • Laboratory Services

A clinical laboratory was established as part of the augmentation of the Health Centre. Routine and basic investigations such as Hematological, Pathological, Biochemical and Serological tests are carried out in the lab.

  • Ambulance Service

One ambulance is available at the Health Centre to deal with emergency medical situations for patient transportation from Health Centre to nearest Govt. Hospital or locally empanelled hospital.

  • Health Education

Health education is an integral part of University Health Centre. Health advisories are issued from time to time.

The following programs were conducted/participated by University Health Centre pertaining to medical related issues during the year 2020-21, 2021-2022 & 2022-23
S.No Subject Date Remarks
01 Conduction of Blood donation camp on commemoration of “World blood donor day-2020” 14.06.2020 Conducted by SVIMS, Tirupati in co-ordination with University Health Centre
02 COVID-19 Awareness program  for CPWD Workers and Gardening staff 20.06.2020 Conducted by University Health Centre
03 COVID-19 Awareness program  for Housekeeping staff 23.06.2020 Conducted by University Health Centre
04 COVID-19 Awareness program  for Security staff 24.06.2020 Conducted by University Health Centre
05 COVID-19 Awareness Program conducted by NSS Unit-1 through Google Meet 20.01.2021 Medical Officer participated as Chief Speaker
06 Deworming day program for children 10.02.2021 Conducted by Health Centre
07 Conduct of COVID-19 Vaccination drive for staff and staff dependants- Phase-I 06.08.2021 Conducted by University Health Centre in co-ordination with Local Health Department
08 Conduct of COVID-19 Vaccination drive for staff and staff dependants- Phase-II 02.11.2021 Conducted by University Health Centre in co-ordination with Local Health Department
09 Conduct of Free Eye Testing Camp 16.02.2022 Conducted by University Health Centre in co-ordination with Dr.Agarwals Eye Hospital, Tirupati

As a part of major welfare measure in the field of health sector, Memorandums of Understanding have been signed with Amara Hospital, Karakambadi, Tirupati and Dr.Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, AIR Bypass Road, Tirupati for availing speciality medical services to the staff and their authorized dependants starting on 07.06.2022.

The staff/ staff dependants of the University avail cashless treatment facility for In-patient services from the said hospitals and the wards for the patients are depending upon their basic pay as per CS(MA) Rules 1944 and CGHS.

With respect to Out-patients treatment facility, the cost of medicines/ medical items/ accessories etc. prescribed during OPD consultation shall be borne by the staff/ staff dependants only. All other services such as consultation, lab investigations, imaging charges would be borne on cashless basis and the relevant bills would be processed by the University as per CGHS rate tariff.

  1. MoU between National Sanskrit University, Tirupati and Meghana Multi Speciality Dental Hospital
  2. MoU between National Sanskrit University, Tirupati and Dr.Agarwals Eye Hospital, Tirupati. 
  3. MoU between National Sanskrit University, Tirupati and Amara Hospital, Tirupati. 
  1. To promote awareness among functionaries involved in health.
  2. To promote the development of high quality hospital services and community health care.
  3. To recommend empanelment of local and outstation multispecialty hospitals for specialized medical services.
  4. To recommend infrastructure which includes equipments, furniture, medicines, surgical items etc. for medical services of the University.
  5. To discuss and resolve issues concerning the medical treatment to the staff/ dependants and students pertaining to the University.

University Health Centre,

            Vakulachala Hostel Ground Floor,

            National Sanskrit University,


Emergency Phone Number: 9829561413
Ambulance Phone Number: +91 86885 43136



Conduct of World Aids Day Awareness program
Conduct of Clean India Campaign 2.0
Conduct of Free Eye Testing Camp
Conduct of 5K Walkathon on the occasion of World Heart Day
Conduct of district level training program on Tobacco Free Educational Institutions (TOFEI)
Conduct of COVID-19 Precautionary dose vaccination drive
Deworming day program for children