Sub-para of Statute 13Sl. No.Structure of Academic Council
as per Statute 13
Name of Persons nominated/appointed 
1(a)1Vice-Chancellor Shall be the ChairpersonProf. G S R Krishna MurtyVice Chancellor
1(b)2Deans of School of StudiesProf. V. S VishnubhattacharyuluSchool of Darsanas
Prof. N. Latha School of Education
Prof. C. Lalitha RaniSchool of Sahitya and Samskriti
Prof. Unnikrishnan NampiyathiriSchool of Vedavedanga
1(c)3Head of Departments and Director of CentresProf. K.S. SatheeshaDepartment of Advaita Vedanta
Prof. V.S. VishnubhattacharyuluDepartment of Agama
Prof. NarayanDepartment of Dvaita Vedanta
Prof. K. VishwanathaDepartment of Nyaya
Prof.C. RaghavanDepartment of Visistadvaita Vedanta
Prof. R.J. RamasreeDepartment of Computer Science
Prof. P. Venkat RaoDepartment of Education
Prof. R. DeeptaDepartment of English
Dr. Shivaram Ramakrishna BhatDepartment of Research and Publications
Prof. C. RanganathanDepartment of Sahitya
Prof. Krishaneshwar JhaDepartment of Jyotisha and Vasthu
Prof.R. Lakshmi Narasimha SastriDepartment of Vyakarana
Prof. C. Ranganathan, DirectorCenter of Distance and Online Education
Prof. K. Ganapathi Bhat, DirectorCentre for Shastra Parirakshana
Dr. Seetharam Sharma, DirectorCentre for Sanskrit Languague Promotions
1(d)4Two Professors other than Heads of Departments; according to seniority to be nominated by the Vice ChancellorProf. K. E. Devanthan, Professor Department of Visistadvaita Vedanta
Prof. K. Rajagopalan, ProfessorDepartment of Sahitya
1(e)5Two teachers of the University, at least one of whom shall be an Associate Professor, by rotation according to seniority to be nominated by the Vice-ChancellorDr. B. ChandraSekharam, Associate ProfessorDepartment of Computer Science
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Vyas Associate ProfessorDepartment of Vyakarana
1(f)6One member, other than those referred to in the items (b), (c), (d) and (e) from each Schools of Studies and centersProf. P.T.G.Y. Sampathkumar AcharyuluSchool of Darsanas
Prof. Rajnikant ShuklaSchool of Education
Prof. Satyanarayana AcharyaSchool of Sahitya and Samskriti
Dr. Niranjan MishraSchool of Vedavedanga
1(g)7Three persons, not being employees of the University to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendations of the Academic Council for their special knowledge.Prof. K. Neelakantham, Director ­Sanskrit Academy, Osmania University, Hyderabad 
Prof. C. Srihari Sharma, Retd ­Principal, Rajarajeswari Sanskrit College, Vemulawada 
Prof. Penna Madhusudan, Incharge Vice Chancellor, ­Kavi Kulaguru,  Sanskrit University, Ramtek, Madhya Pradesh 
1(h)8Two members of the Court, none of whom shall be an employee of the University or a College or an Institution affiliated to or recognized by the UniversityShall be Notified on receipt of Nominations from the Court 
(2)9Registrar of the University shall be the  Secretary of the UniversityCommander Challa Venkateswar (Retd.)  
Dean, Academic Affairs and Controller of Examinations will Attend the meetings of Acdemic Council on Permanent basis