Rules & Regulations of Guest House

1. The booking is purely provisional and will be done on First-Cum-First Served basis.

2. The booking is purely provisional and subject to availability and can be cancelled at any time due to the circumstances that the authorities deem as fit.

3. The room is allotted on the condition, that if necessary, the allottee shall have no objection in sharing accommodation with another guest.

4. Confirmation of allotment will be informed through e-mail or can be checked with reception within 24 hours of submission of the requisition.

5. Cancellations can be made by submitting a duly filled in form at the reception of Guest House or through e-mail to Guest House in-charge as early as possible.

Accommodation Types & Tariffs

S.No. Type Total No. of Rooms Available Tariff per day
1 Double bedded room 10 1,000-00 + 18% GST
2 Three bedded rooms 02 1,500 + 18% GST
3 Eight bedded rooms 02 3,000 + 18% GST

Guest Specific Information
1. Meals can be booked at the Dining Hall: (Break fast by 9:00 hrs, Lunch by 13:00 hrs. and Dinner by 21.00)
2. No claims for Loss/ damage or lapse of services will be entertained at any stage by the Institute
3. Guests are advised to get the rooms cleaned in their presence only. If the guest has no objection for getting the room cleaned in his/ her absence, he/ she should deposit the keys at the reception.
4. Male guests are not allowed to visit the rooms occupied by female guests without prior permission from the concerned guest and vice-versa.
5. Consumption of Narcotics/Alcoholic drinks etc. is strictly prohibited in Guest House premises

Emergency Health Care
Contact University Medical Officer:

Dr. Bala Dattatreya – 8985004670

Dr. P. Swetha – 9985299950