Rules and Regulations of the Library

1. Every student shall surrender Unique ID Card issued to him when his membership ceases or when his membership is cancelled. If the Unique ID Card is not returned a sum of Rs. 20/- will be charged. A Non-member may be admitted into the library only when he/she is introduced by an officer of University. Librarian at his discretion may provide library facilities for short periods.

2. Books will be issued to the members only on the production of identity card.

3. Students of Rashtriya Sanskrit University with Identity Cards only are allowed to use the Library.

4. No member is allowed to enter the Library with personal belongings or books. However, plain papers are allowed inside to take down notes.

5. Members must sign in the gate register while entering the Library as a token of identification.

6. Unique ID card if lost, should immediately be reported to the Dean Academic Affairs Rs.20/- will be charged for the duplicate Unique ID Card. Original Unique ID Card if found, after issuing duplicate ID card the latter should be returned to the Dean, Academic Affairs for cancellation.

7. No Dues Certificate will be issued by the librarian when a reader ceases to be a member and returns all books.

8. Silence should be strictly maintained inside the library and using of mobile phones are not allowed.

9. Readers are requested to leave the books on the reading tables after their use and not to replace them in book racks to avoid misplacement.

10. Books arranged in the racks should not be disturbed. They should trace them in an orderly way. They are to be taken out carefully for reference.

11. Those who violate the rules and regulations of the Library will not be allowed to use the Library and disciplinary action will be initiated against them by the authorities.

12. Reference and Multi-volumed books and periodicals are not normally lent.

13. Reprographic facility is provided to the users. This facility is limited to the library material only ; outside material will not be taken up for photocopy service.