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1. Books under asterisk (*) mark are presently out of prints.

2. Prices quoted herein are exclusive of postage, freight charges etc., and subject to alteration without notice. Packing, forwarding will be charged extra.

3. Full name and address should be written clearly (IN BLOCK LETTERS) in the order indicating the Town, City, Post Office, State, Pincode No. etc.

4. Clearly specify the title of the book, author’s name and number of copies required.

5. Clear instructions regarding the mode of dispatch, i.e., Lorry Transport, Railway parcel or Registered post etc., as tge case may be are very essential.

6. The Publications of the Vidyapeetha are dispatched only after the receipt of full payment in advance only in the form of Demand Draft payable to the Registrar, R.S. Vidyapeetha, Tirupati. The balance amount if any and the cost of packing and forwarding will be recovered through VPP. Please apply for our proforma bills mentioning your requirements.

7. If the weight of the parcel is 5 kilograms or below the books will be sent by Registered Book Packet. Above 5 kilograms will be sent by Rail or Road parcel.

8. If the documents are to be sent through the Bank, the name of the Bank (Branch), Town, City etc., should be clearly specified.

9. Postage or Freight charges etc., will be known only after actually booking the parcel.

10. Vidyapeetha’s liability for delivery of the goods ceases as soon as they placed on Rail or with Road Carries at the places of dispatch and a clear Railway Receipt/ Bill of lading/consignment note is obtained.

11. The Vidyapeetha is not responsible for any delay in transit or in delivery.

Books once sold and dispatched will not be taken back for any reson or exchanged under any circumstance.

Rate of Discount :  
a) To Booksellers and publishers
(All Publications except Mahaswini Research Journal)
b) To Universities, Libraries and Educational Institutions25%
c) Mahaswini Research Journal (for all)15%
d) To Teachers and students15%
e) To authors/editors of Vidyapeetha Publications25%

For further enquiries please write to : The Registrar/Department of Research and Publications

Staff Members

Sri M. Ranapratap Singh
Section Officer
Tel: 0877-2287649 Ext. 
Mobile: 9030224455

Dr. Dillip Kumar Mishra
Research Assistant
Tel: 0877-2287649 Ext. 314

Sri A. Ramu

Sri S.N. Hemadri
Group C ‘MTS’
Tel: 0877-2287649 Ext. 279