1. Borrowers are eligible to keep an ordinary book for 14 days from the date of issue. After due date a penalty of Re.1-00 per day, per book will be levied.
2. A fine ranging from two times or more of the price will be levied on books lost or damaged. The decision of the Librarian is final in this respect.
3. If a Borrower fails to return any books within one calendar month from the due date, his borrowing privilege will be suspended.
4. The borrowing privilege will be restored only after the book is returned.
Monday to Friday : 9-00 a.m. to 8-00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday : 9-00 a.m. to 1-00 p.m.
Issues & Returns : 9-30 a.m. to 1-00 p.m. and 2-00 to 5-30 p.m.

MEMBERSHIP : Staff and students of the University are eligible to get enrolled as members of the Library, provided they are recommended by the Registrar.