Guests are requested to abide by the following rules and regulations:

  • Guests should agree to the Guest House Rules and Regulations with the spirit of peace, harmony, amicability, simplicity, care, consideration and safety.
  • Please keep noise levels to the minimum especially when other guests are in retreat.
  • Please utilise the premises, its facilities and electronic appliances with utmost care.
  • Please do not renovate the premises and its facilities in anyway.
  • Please refrain from using equipment or fixtures for purposes other than those intended.
  • Please do not remove or alter any equipment or fixtures at the Guest House.
  • Nailing or sticking items on wall, windows and all other facilities is strictly prohibited.
  • For safety purposes, please do not install any high power consumption appliances without prior approval from Guest House
  • Please switch off the lights, air-conditioning units, and fans when leaving the premises.
  • Please do not leave appliances in standby mode.
  • Please ensure that all water taps are properly turned off after use.
  • Guest House will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the guests’ personal belongings.
  • Please keep the premises clean at all times and leave no personal belongings in the common areas.
  • Please ensure you have all your personal belongings with you before leaving the premises. All belongings that are left behind will be disposed of.
  • Please do not eat in the bedrooms. Food / meals / breakfast etc are served in dining hall only.
  • Please refrain from holding meetings with visitors in your bedroom.
  • Persons staying in the Guest House are not entitled to bring unauthorized guest(s) to stay with them.
  • Male visitors / guests are not allowed in the rooms occupied by female guests and vice versa.
  • Please refrain from political discussions.
  • Books/News Papers/Journals/Magazines in the common area are for reading within the Guest House only.
  • Please do not bring onto the premises of the Guest House any of the following:

a) Animals or birds of any kind;

b) Gunpowder, oils or other explosives or inflammables;

c) Objects emitting a foul odor;

d) Unregistered firearms or swords;

e) Objects of an unusually large size or in unusually large quantities; and

f) Illegal drugs or other articles, the possession of which is prohibited by the laws of the land.

  • Any loss or damage to our property such as furniture, linen, iron, offering bowls and so on shall be charged to the guest accordingly.
  • Cooking/washing is not allowed in the rooms.
  • No criminal offence, according to Law in force, may be committed on the premises.
  • No meat, alcohol, drugs or intoxicating substances may be brought into, or be used, on the premises.
  • No gambling or smoking on the premises.
  • No fighting, intimidation or aggressive behavior will be acceptable.
  • No form of initiation is allowed.
  • No engaging in sexual contact on premises.
  • No form of pornography will be tolerated.

Guests are requested to switch off the lights, fans and AC and lock their room when they go out.