In addition to one Academic Building , one Library and two hostel buildings, several new buildings have been constructed after becoming a Deemed University. They include: new building for Department of Education; a three-storied Ladies Hostel (Padmachala); Guest House; Indoor Stadium; Administrative Building ; construction of type I, type II, type III , type IV and type V quarters, Garudachala Hostel and a three-storied second Ladies Hostel Building (Vidyachala). Besides, construction of Neelachala Boys Hostel and Simhachala Research Scholars’ Hostel were completed. Further, as a part of the beautification of the campus, all internal roads in the campus have been laid and greenery is ensured by planting tree saplings and developing lush green gardens.

In order to attach equal importance to Physical Education programmes, a big play ground covering an area of about six acres has been developed with Volley Ball court, Football court etc.,.

The University is located in an area of 41.48 acres having the following buildings constructed by Central Public Works Department

Administrative Building

It is a two storied building accommodating rooms for Administrative officers of the University and sections i.e. Administration, Establishment, Examination, Accounts, Engineering, etc.

Academic building (including Annexure and meeting hall):

In this building the class-rooms for all courses of the University, and also rooms for faculty members are being provided. Usually Work- shops, Conferences, and other meetings will be held in the meeting hall of the Academic building.

Sansk-Net building

It accommodates the Sansk-Net Lab and E-Studio where in the old Shastras and Rare Manuscripts of Sanskrit are keyed and Recording into electronic media in collaboration with other Sanskrit and technical institutions with the special assistance of the MHRD and UGC and hosted in our website: for the use of students and scholars of Sanskrit in India and Abroad

Class – Rooms

The University has sufficient and well furnished class-rooms with well furnished furniture for the conduct of classes for various courses. At present the University is able to provide class-room accommodation for 1000 students.

E-Class Rooms

The Electronic Class room is established for the use of Computer aided teaching, Human biology in the Yogavijanan Class using the modern technology. These e-class rooms are established in the Dept.of Education, DDE and Yogavijanan centre.

Nine Hostels

The University has Nine Hostels– five for Boys and two for Girls. — accommodating around 1100 students.
Garudachala Hostel Block
Seshachala Hostel Block
Simhachala Hostel Block

Transit Hostel

The University has a two-storied transit hostel for accommodating delegates/ visitors/ VIPs to the University.

Multi purpose Gymnasium

A Gymnasium with 16 multiple workstations has been installed in the indoor stadium of the University to facilitate the all-round physical development of the students. A separate gymnasium for girl students has been provided in the girls hostel.

Indoor stadium

The University has multipurpose Indoor stadium wherein Indoor games and Aerobic exercises can be practiced by the students and staff. The Indoor stadium is equipped with 16 stationed – GYM – Thread Mill, Table Tennis Tables, Tennicoit courts etc. for the use of students and staff.

Multi-media Language Laboratory

The University is equipped with Multi-media Language Laboratory to develop language learning skills of students with the help of language technologies. Besides, the university is also equipped with psychology laboratory where the mental aptitude of students would be tested and trained by experts.

Dept. of Education Building

The Institute of Advanced Studies in Education Building for exclusively for the students of the B.Ed and M.Ed. The building is consists of class rooms, Language Laboratory, Psychology Laboratory, Library etc.

Yoga Vijnana Centre

In order to treat chronic and incurable diseases, the therapeutic concepts of the Patanjali Yoga is being explored, through which healing of diseases can be achieved. For this, the University has established a Yoga and Healing Centre on its campus for the benefit of students and general public as well.

University Health Centre

The University has a Health Centre to cater to the medical and health need of students and staff. Heath Centre having a one Ambulance. One full time doctor and two part-time doctors including one lady doctor are appointed in the centre

Central Library

The Central Library is equipped with 85,000 printed books and 5,500 titles of paper and palm leaf manuscripts The Library completed its automation of Acquisition, Cataloguing and Circulation sections. OPAC facility has already been provided to the users.

Other Facilities