The University has achieved a rare honour of being recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Traditional Sastras by the UGC basing on its achievements, academic excellence earned in the field of teaching and research in Traditional Sastras and its potential for future development. The same has been extended for the XI Plan period also. Under this scheme, the following activities have been undertaken by the University.

List of Activities :

Sl. NO.

Name of the project

Name of Project Directors

1.ShastravaridhiConcerned Heads of departments.
2.PublicationsFaculty members of Research and Publications department
3.Audio and Video DocumentationThree Project Directors – 4 Texts each
Dr. C. Ranaganathan : Sahitya, Puranetihasa, Dharmasastra & Jyotisha.
Dr. K. Ganapathi Bhat : Advaita Vedanta, Visistadvaita Vedanta, Dwaitavedanta & Nyaya.
Vidwan Narayana : Vyakarana, Agama, Mimamsa & Sankhya Yoga.
4.Audio-Video Recording Centre activitiesProf. GSR Krishnamurthy – Project Director
(For arranging to record all the teaching learning process & preparation of material)
Dr. Rani Sadasiva Murty – Project Director
(Arrange to record the teaching learning from out-side Tirupati and cultural activities)
Dr. S. Dakshinamurthy Sarma – Addl. Project Director
5.Lipi Vikasa PradarsiniScriptural part –
Prof. V. Purandara Reddy – Project Director
Sri K. Vishwanatha – Addl. Project Director
Scripts Side –
Dr. V.V. Jaddipal – Project Director
6.Electronic Tools for Ancient Script learningDr. V.V. Jaddipal – Project Director
Dr. K. Suryanarayana – Addl. Project Director
7.Sanskrit Self Learning KitsPart 1 – Dr. K. Suryanarayana
Part 2 – Prof.V.M. Sarma, Project Directors
Dr.R.Deepta, Addl. Proj. Director
Part 3 & 4 – Dr. R. Sadasiva Murthy, Project Director
Part 5 – Prof.R.K. Thakur, Proj. Director
Part 6 & 7 – Dr. Satyanarayancharya, Project Director
8.Documentation of ArtefactsProf. S.S. Murthy and – Project Directors
Prof.K. Ramasuryanarayana
9.Digitization of ManuscriptsProf. K.E. Govindan – Project Director
Dr. V. Sujatha – Addl. Project Director
Dr. Radhagovinda Tripathy – Addl. Project Director
10.Yoga, Stress Management and Healing CentreProf. O. Ramlal Sharma – Project Director
Sri Rajendra Reddy – Addl. Project Director
11.Seminars/WorkshopsProf. Subbarayan, Project Director
Prof. KRS Menon, Project Director and
Dr.Satyanarayancharya, Addl. Proj. Director
Dr. A. Sripada Bhat, Project Director
Dr.Radhagovinda Tripathy, Addl. Proj. Director
12.Post Graduate Courses to bridge Computer Science and Sanskrit Language TechnologyProf. KVRK Acharyulu – Adviser
Dr. R.J. Ramasree – Project Director