(In accordance with and in furtherance to the provisions contained in Section 23 of the Act and section 18(2) of the statutes)

1. Each Department shall have a Board of Studies comprising the following members:

a. Head of the Department shall be the Chairperson & Convener.
b. 1. All professors of the department.
     2. Not more than two Associate Professors of the department by rotation on seniority.
     3. Not more than two Assistant Professors of the department by rotation on seniority.
c. Under special circumstances one faculty member each from other involved departments within the school.
d. Not more than two subject experts, not in the service of the University, to be nominated by the Vice chancellor from a pool of six experts, suggested by the HoD in consultation with the department.
e. Wherever necessary, not more than two persons (Alumni / Industry / Experts), may be invited as special invitee by the Chairperson with the prior permission of the Vice-Chancellor.

2. The tenure of the constitution of the board of studies shall be three years.

3. Any casual vacancy may be filled for the un-expired period.

4. The Board of Studies should meet at least once in two years and on such occasions as may be determined by the Vice-Chancellor

5. The quorum for the Board of Studies Meetings shall be 50% of the members which shall include at least one outside expert.

6. In the absence of the Chairperson, the senior-most member present shall act as Chairperson for that meeting.

7. If in the opinion of the Chairperson, it is not necessary or expedient to convene a meeting of the Board of Studies to consider any item and if he/she considers that a matter could be disposed off by circulation among the members of Board of Studies he/she may issue necessary instructions to that effect.