Prof. G.S.R. Krishnamurthy
Prof. C. Ranganathan

The Directorate of Distance Education is established in the National Sanskrit University, Tirupati from the Academic year 2003-04 with the permission of the Distance Education Council (DEC), IGNOU, New Delhi and also got the approval of the Jonit Committee consisting of the DEC, UGC-AICTE-DEC Vide F.No.DEC/ Recog/ 2010 2290 dated 04.08.2010 (2010-11).

The Directorate of Distance Education is functioning successfully with the financial and Academic Assistance provided by the Distance Education Council (DEC), IGNOU, New Delhi.

Towards the fulfillment of goals of establishing the DDE, it started attracting a good number of students, from various backgrounds of study like engineering, medicine, administration apart from traditional sastra, from all over the country.

Objectives of the DDE

  1. To make Sanskrit higher Education reach the unreached
  2. To promote continuous learning in Sanskrit
  3. To provide Sanskrit Education at lower cost
  4. To provide educational opportunity to those who have basic no education qualifications
  5. To Provide career development facility to the working people

The following courses are offered through distance mode

  1. Prak-Shastri
  2. Shastri
  3. Acharya