3.4.5 Number of research papers per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC website/recognised peer reviewed journals/ reputed journals published by Sanskrit/ General Universities/ Departments/ Research Institutes and notified journals by the Central Sanskrit University (Formerly Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan) in its website and in the Conference Proceedings Number of research papers in aforesaid journals year-wise during the last five years
Data Requirements: (As per Data Template in Section B)

  • Title of paper
  • Name of the author/s
  • Department of the teacher
  • Name of journal
  • Year of publication
  • ISSN /e-ISSN number
File Description (Upload)
  • List of research papers by title, author, department, name and year of publication (Institutional data as per Data Template)
  • Any additional information
    1. ISBN Books
    2. ISSN Journals