3.1.5 Institution has the following facilities

  1. Central Instrumentation Centre/ Language Laboratory ComputerLab/ ICT Lab
  2. Museum
  3.  Studios/ Recording Studio for Audio-Video/e-P.G.Pathashala Facilities
  4. Research/Statistical Databases
  5. Manuscript Resource Centre (MRC)
  6.  Manuscript Conservation Centre (MCC)
  7.  Yoga Training Centre
  8. Yoga Therapy Centre with modern equipments
  9. Observatory/Yajnashala
  10.  Psychology Laboratory
  11.  Any other facility to support research


  • A. Any four or more the above
  • B. Any three of the above
  • C. Any two of the above
  • D. Any one of the above
  • E. None of the above

Data Requirements:

  1. Name of the facility
  2. Year of establishment
  3. Videos/pictures
File Description (Upload)
  1. Paste link of videos and geotagged photographs
  2. Upload the list of facilities provided by the Institution and their year of establishment (Institutional data as per Data Template)
  3. Upload any additional information