The following rules and regulations must be strictly followed by the students of the University. 

Students of the University are expected to devote their energy in learning and developing a wholesome personality.

The students would:

1.  abide by Acts/Statutes/Ordinances, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the University and respect its ideals, vision, mission, cultural practices and the traditions.

2. remain punctual, disciplined and regular in attending class lectures, tutorials and research.

3. observe modesty in their overall appearance and behavior.

4. Each student must be self-disciplined while attending the classes. 

5. Any student disturbing class-room atmosphere or causing inconvenience in any form to the lecturer or to students shall be sent out from class room by the Lecturer and he shall be marked absent. 

6. Any student found causing damage to the property of University will be liable to disciplinary action. Besides, he should bear the repair replacement charges of the damaged property. 

7. All kinds of correspondence with University  by the students should be addressed to the Registrar through their Heads of the departments concerned. 

8.Students should be dressed neatly and properly. 

9. Students are strictly forbidden from taking part in any activity prejudicial to the University . 

10. Students are expected to uphold the prestige of the University  and therefore they are strictly prohibited from participating in any activity that would sully the reputation of the University . 

11. Any student if found guilty of criticizing the conduct of the University  anywhere is liable to be punished. 

12. The students shall not take part in any political meetings/activities which are likely to create unrest on the campus and the students who are keen on attending such meetings/activities are to take prior permission of the Registrar in the best interest of the University.

13. Students who are found guilty of any act of indiscipline and those who resort to agitations shall forego the scholarships and fee-concessions. 

14. All students shall attend the classes regularly and without fail. 

15. Students indulging in violence to self or by coercion, direct/indirect, such as hunger strike, for enforcing their will on the college or University shall be punished.

16. Every student will be issued an identity card soon after his admission. He should carry identity card while attending the classes and should produce it to authorities on demand. 

17. The loss of identity card should be reported immediately to the University  authorities.

18. The Registrar is empowered to impose the following punishments on the students in the best interest of the students and the institution : 

    1. a) Levy of penalty or marking absent in the attendance register or both 
    2. b) Stoppage of issue of certificates 
    3. c) Suspension/expulsion from the institution 
    4. d) Any other action which the Registrar may deem fit in the circumstancesof the case.