An undergraduate programme in Sahitya, it provides the students opportunity to acquire moderate understanding of selected portion from Sahitya and selected conventional & Vocational courses.

In accordance with National Education Policy (NEP) -2020, the UG Programmes of NSU are designed with multiple exits at the end of I Year, II year, III year and IV year.

  1. One who exits at the end of the first year will be issued Certificate in the Specialized and concerned Subjects.
  2. One who exits at the end of II year will be issued a Diploma in the Specialized and concerned Subjects.
  3. One who exits at the end of the third year will be issued 3year UG certificate.
  4. One who successfully completes the four years of UG will be issued UG (Honors) certificate.

No. of seats :  22 (Choice Based Credit System)  

Duration : 6/8 Semesters 

Age, Eligibility : as specified in the Sastri programme.

Scheme of study :

Part I : (a) 1st Language – English

(b) 2nd Language – Telugu/Hindi/Sanskrit,

(c) History of Vedic & Classical Sanskrit Literature.

(d) Environmental Studies

Part II : Three Electives

1st Elective : Sahitya (Sanskrit) Course (Compulsory)

2nd Elective (any one) from the following Conventional Courses:

  1. English Literature
  2. Telugu Literature
  3. Hindi Literature
  4. Vedic Literature
  5. History
  6. Computer Applications

        3rd Elective (any one) from the following Vocational courses:

  1. Archakatva & Pourohitya 
  2. Yoga & Meditation  
  3. Spiritual Tourism*  
  4. Puranapravachana
  5. Communicative English  
  6. Sanskrit & Management
  7. Dramaturgy*
  8. Music (Carnatic & Hindustani Vocal only)
  9. Dance
  10. Communicative Sanskrit
  11. Vasthu Sastra
  12. Moral Education*
  13. Environmental Education
  14. Health Education
  15. Physical Education
  16. Mental ability & Quantitative Aptitude*
  17. Translation 

* The course is offered subject to the availability of number of students. The decision of Admission committee is final in this regard.

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