Spot Online Admission into the various Regular Programs is extended up to 24th September 2020 All the interested candidates can utilise this opportunity.
  1. Acharya (In all the 14 Sastras listed in the prospectus)
  2. M.A. Hindi
  3. Prak Sastri
  4. Sammanita Sastri
  5. B.A. Honours
  6. B.Sc. Computers
  7. M.A. Sabdabodha
  8. Sammanita Sastri (Veda Bhashyam )
  9. M.Sc. Computer Science and Sanskrit Language Technology
  10. Masters in Ancient Indian Management Technques (M.A.I.M.T)
  11. Certificate in Jyotisha
  12. Certificate in Pourohitya
  13. Diploma in Temple Culture
  14. Certificate in Temple Culture
  15. Diploma in Pourohitya
  16. Diploma in Jyotisha and Vastu
  17. B.Sc. In Yoga
  18. M.Sc. In Yoga Therapy
  19. P.G. Diploma in Pourohitya
  20. P.G.Diploma in Yoga Vijnana
  21. Certificate programme in translation
  22. Certificate programme in dance
  23. Certificate programme in sitar
  24. Certificate programme in music